varun vachhar finder of new ways to confuse myself


A few days ago I came across this creative studio called This Also. They just launched a new site. It not only showcases some of their amazing work but, also has this fun little loading animation.

I absolutely love this! First thing I did was right click & inspect element and was expecting to find an SVG with SMIL animation baked in. To my surprise it turned out to be a sprite based animation with 24 frames. So, let’s recreate this with only SVG.

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Parallax With Angular

See the Pen Monument Valley in Space for blog post by Varun Vachhar (@winkerVSbecks) on CodePen.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Monument Valley. Love the game and the aesthetic even more. I even set up my Electric Object EO1 with a “print” from the game. So, I just had to build something inspired by it – why not a Tintin/Monument Valley mash-up?

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I recently discovered the idea of truncation. It is a fascinating concept. You rip apart a vertex to create a new facet and in turn more complex geometry. This pen by Ana Tudor shows the truncation of a tetrahedron:

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